Try Something New Tonight

Even the most inspired home cooks can fall into a dinner rut.  Rotating the same dishes over and over can get boring.  Change up your dinner routine and try something new tonight.   

Cola Marinaded Steak

Skirt steaks and flap steaks are relatively inexpensive cuts of meat that are perfect for this marinade.  These cuts have long chewy fibers so it is important to cook them properly and slice the steak against the grain.  

There is nothing more satisfying than feeding the ones you love.

What's Cooking Now


Bring Back Sunday Dinner

Faith. Family. Food.

No doubt weeknights are hectic with work, school, homework and endless chores.  Slow things down on Sunday by cooking a wonderful meal.  Get the family in the kitchen to help, spend some time together, talk, laugh and enjoy the day.  Then set the table, sit down and enjoy a wonderful meal. 

Fast, Easy & Affordable

It's hard to make elaborate meals on hectic weeknights, but making delicious, filling meals is not out of the questions either.  Before hitting the drive through or ordering takeout, consider one of these quick, easy to make meals.  Cooking for yourself and your family will save you money, ensure you're eating wholesome food, and give you deep satisfaction.

Party Ready

Please the whole family with homemade snacks that are easy to make, affordable and more importantly, delicious.

Meatballs Three Ways

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Italian Sausage Meatballs

Meatballs Cuban Style

12 Easy Pasta Recipes

Perfect Starter Soups

Chicken. Again?

Make awesome Chimichurri

How To...

Tenderloin Tidbits

Fresh Salsa

Caprese Pasta Salad

Spaghetti & Meatballs Bake

Fried Chicken

Turkey Meatloaf

Chicken thighs are great because they’re inexpensive, cook quickly, and stay juicy and delicious (even if a little overcooked).  In this recipe chicken thighs are served on a bed of yellow rice and topped with fresh salsa for a Southwestern flair.

Southwestern Chicken

Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet Potato Chips

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes?  Yes Please!

Chicken Corn Tortilla Soup 

This corn tortilla soup is economical and really easy to make.  We cut down on cooking time by using leftover barbeque chicken, but store bought rotisserie chicken will also do the trick.

Chicken Paprika

The chicken is stewed in a flavorful paprika sauce that gets a creamy touch at the end from a little sour cream.  Serve the chicken over pasta for a delightfully different dinner. 

Everybody loves a good meatball.  Sure, making meatballs is a little labor intensive, but the smiles at the table will make it well worth your effort.  Here are three meatball recipes, each wonderful in their own way.  Enjoy!