About Us

Hi, I’m Elizabeth and welcome to Cook2eatwell.


Food is my favorite subject; I like to cook food, talk about food, write about food, and most importantly, eat food. Lucky for me, my husband Eddie feels the same way. We share our passion for food with you here – on Cook2eatwell.


The recipes we share are ours, unless otherwise stated. We develop and test the recipes right here in our (very modest) kitchen. Eddie is the photographer, in-house grill master and official taste-tester. Oh, he is also head dishwasher, which is an underappreciated kitchen job! Me, I create the recipes, style the food and write the content. The other members of our team include my son, a teen with a huge appetite, and my brother, who considers eating a sport. Their job is to eat and provide feedback – mostly they eat.


It is our pleasure to share our passion with you. We want to bring you easy-to-make, affordable recipes that you can create at home and enjoy with your family. Food is important, it keeps us alive – but it also brings us together.


The recipes we develop here are made with as many whole, fresh ingredients as possible. However, there are packaged ingredients that we use for the sake of time and convenience. We use store bought broth, canned tomatoes, breadcrumbs, and other pantry staples that will help you get dinner on the table, even on busy weeknights. We take special care to use common, affordable ingredients in all the recipes, so you will have no trouble finding what you need. If there is a special ingredient needed I try to provide information on where you can find it, or a fitting substitution.


If you have any questions, comments or would like to let me know how you like our site, please write:  elizabeth@cook2eatwell.com.


Check back often for new recipes and ideas. Thanks for visiting!